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What is meant by a STRATA Title ?
  • A STRATA Title is the title issued in respect of units in a multi-storey building where permission to subdivide the building is approved. For example flats, shops and offices.
Why is STRATA Title necessary?
  • To guarantee the interest of every unit owner and to facilitate transactions in respect of the unit.
What restrictions are there in creating a STRATA Title?
  • The STRATA Title must cover the whole lot and not just part of the lot;
  • The lease cannot exceed 99 years and cannot be longer than the residue of the lease of the original title;
  • All the STRATA units on the same lot must be leased for the same term of years and must expire at the same time.
What happens to the original title ?
  • The original title will be endorsed by the Commissioner of Lands that it is subject to STRATA Titles and return the title to the land owner for safekeeping.
Can the land owner sell the original land title ?
  • Yes, the land owner can sell, charge or lease or otherwise deal with the original title as usual subject to the approval of the relevant authority under Section 23 of the Land code Chapter 40. However, once STRATA Title has been created, the land owner may not apply for change of special condition of title until such time as the STRATA Title have expired at the end of the lease or after the STRATA plan has been cancelled by the Commissioner of Lands.
Who is responsible to pay for the insurance and the maintenance of the building according to the STRATA act?
  • All the STRATA owners are responsible to pay the insurance and the maintenance of the building through the STRATA Corporation.
How does STRATA Title ownership help the land owner?
  • The land owner has the opportunity to sell Residential or Commercial units in a building and give the buyer a title.
  • This is intended to open up the property market and encourage investment in Commercial and Industrial buildings.
Who can buy the building and / or units in the STRATA Title?
  • Brunei Citizen, Permanent Residents and Foreigners.
Do the STRATA owner still pay for the annual rent?
  • The annual rent on the original title will cease until the STRATA Title expire;
  • The STRATA owner will pay the annual rent for the unit that he owns;
  • The annual rent is subject to Section 11(c) and 14(4) The Land Code (STRATA) Act Chapter 189
The responsibilities of unit owners.
  • Every parcel owner is responsible to :-
    • Do any transaction (transfer, charge, lease) for his unit;  
    • Have support, services and protection for his unit;  
    • Vote in the Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings convened by the STRATA Corporation.  
What are mentioned in the STRATA Title?
  • The STRATA Title will mention the principal unit, that is, the main unit for Residential or Commercial and the accessory unit, that is the unit used exclusively by the STRATA owner for example garage and so on.
When can an application for STRATA Titles be made?
  • ​When the building has obtained approval from the relevant Competent Authority and the Occupation Permit has been issued for the building.