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A. Every Land Title Transfer Application must be submitted with;

1     Copy of Land Title.

2     Copy of the Survey Sheet (RSO -scale 1:2500) showing the location of the subject land (Note: Purchase from the Survey Department).

3     Address of the land/building.

  • Building number, Junction number and name of the road.

4     Telephone number of the original land owner/s.

5     Telephone number of building owner, occupier or renter/s.

B. Every Land Title Transfer Application with development on the land such as residential housing/s, shop-houses, warehouse, factories, workshops and the likes must submit;


  1. Copy of site development plan*.
  2. Copy of all floor areas plan*.
  3. Copy of cross section/ sides/ elevation plans*.
  4. Name of the Property Manager, address, company name and telephone number.
  5. Tenants names for each building units.
  6. Starts and ends date of the tenancy agreement for each building units.
  7. Rental of each building units.
  8. Copy of building's insurance premium.
  9. Copy of Building Tax receipt issued by the Municipal Department –if the land is located within the Municipal Area. 
  10. Copy of receipts on management and maintenance costs of the building -cleaning, water electrical supplies and pesticides costs.

* Building Plans submitted must shows the stamping of approval by ABCi/relevant authority and the LOT/plot number.


C. For special purpose use building such as Hotel, Petrol Station, Cinemas, and Mixed Use Development) must submit;


  1. Copy of Financial Statement (for the last 3 years) and/or;
  2. Copy of Profit and Loss Account (for the last 3 years).



SITE INSPECTION will be carried out on the subject land and buildings for every land Title Transfer application.


 The Valuation staffs will contact the applicant/s for;

  • Further information and documentations.
  • Will do inspection, measure and take photographs (outside and inside) of all buildings on the subject land.


For further information, please contact Valuation Section at

2381181 ext 4215 or 4216 (Brunei Muara & Temburong)

03-331542 (Belait)   04-221372 (Tutong)