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(Application forms available are free to be downloaded and printed)

​Application Type
​1. ​
​Land Ownership Transfer
  • ​Manage Profile (Transferor / Seller) LARIS
Borang 1 - Pindah Milik Tanah.pdf
  • Manage Profile (Transferee / Buyer) LARIS
Borang 2 - Pindah Milik Tanah.pdf
  • Checklist for Land Ownership Transfer Application (LARIS)
Senarai Semak (Checklist) bagi Pindah Milik Tanah.pdf
  • Checklist for Stamp Duty Form
Senarai Semak (Checklist) Cukai Setem bagi Pindah Milik Tanah.pdf
Land Search
Borang Permohonan Mendapatkan Keterangan Tanah.pdf
Change of Land Title Special Condition​Borang Permohonan Menukar Syarat Khas Tanah.pdf
  • ​Extra Information
Maklumat Borang Permohonan Menukar Syarat Khas Tanah.pdf
​4. ​Land Lease to Financial Institution / BankBorang Permohonan Menggadai Tanah.pdf
  • Extra Information

  • Form of Agreement on Land Restriction Order for Lease

Maklumat Borang Permohonan Menggadai Tanah.pdf

 Borang Sekatan.pdf

​5. ​
Expired Lease Renewal For Private Lands​Borang Permohonan Menyambung Tempoh Pajakan Tanah.pdf
  • ​Extra Information

Senarai Semak Permohonan Menyambung Tempoh Pajakan Tanah.pdf
Borang Maklumat Tambahan bagi Permohonan Menyambung Tempoh Pajakan Tanah (MKG).pdf

Exemption from Payment of Premium for Expired Lease Renewal For Private Lands

  • Checklist

Borang Permohonan Pengecualian Membayar Premium bagi Membaharui Tempoh Pajakan Tanah.pdf

Senarai Semak (Checklist) bagi Permohonan Pengecualian Membayar Premium.pdf

​7. ​
Private Lands' Leasing [Lease More Than 7 Years]
​Form A
Borang Permohonan Memajakkan Tanah A.pdf
Form B
Borang Permohonan Memajakkan Tanah B.pdf
​Access Road
Permohonan Mendapatkan Jalan Laluan.pdf
Permission to occupy Government Land under ​Temporary Occupation License
[ Private School & Site Office For Government Project]

Note : To be updated
The form can be purchased from the Payment Counter, 1st Floor, Lands Department, Ministry of Development
Renewal of Existing Temporary Occupancy License (TOL)
Borang Permohonan Menyambung Kebenaran Menggunakan Tanah Kerajaan (Terkini).pdf
Removal of Land and Sand Permit
Borang Permohonan Mengambil Permit Tanah dan Pasir.pdf
Land Registration Information Update
Borang Pengemaskinian.pdf
Complaint Form
Borang Aduan.pdf
​Suggestions and Feedback Form
Borang Cadangan.pdf